The informative book by Marco Zerwas on the history of the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz (2015) has as a narrative perspective & vanishing point the strange and seemingly untimely rebuilding of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial at Deutsches Eck in 1992. In addition, he is always able to show the importance of tourism and trade motives.

Is the Hindenburg Monument of Bad Oeynhausen another piece of evidence? Is this monument an early harbinger?

Consecrated on July 20,1918 in a central square of the small town with great sympathy of the population. In 1927, a large German nationalistic monument celebration at Hindenburg’s birthday is documented.

Probably buried at the end of World War II. Found again by chance at some point during earthworks.

Re-established in 1985 at the most important tourist vantage point and destination of the municipality.

The photos are from November, 26, 2017.
For my non-German Readers: Hindenburg is a multiple and main German political criminal.

Wo findet man sie? Zum Wilden Schmied


Images: Alle Recht vorbehalten (C) der Autor

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